Performing Arts Industry Development – P.A.I.D

Not just another dance program.

P.A.I.D is a revolutionary 10-week intensive performing arts course dreamed up by one of
Australia’s most sought-after Choreographer / Artistic Directors Anna Johnston and
developed and delivered by the best mentors in the biz.

If you’re chasing that long-lasting, glittering career in the performing arts, you’ll need more
than stage presence.

Learn what it takes to hold your own as a professional in a highly competitive industry and
thrive in the real world of showbiz.

This is not another dance course in physical movement or choreography-based training – it
prepares young aspiring performers for the real-life obstacles that every performer will face,
and which nobody has taught or prepared you for before.

You’ll have the best foundation for the career you always dreamed of while getting the
opportunity to make connections with and learn from the best of the best.

There’s no denying this world can be cutthroat – it takes professionalism, a resilient spirit,
strong self-esteem and an understanding of how to run a business.

It takes P.A.I.D to set you up for success.

Join us over 10 weeks and you’ll discover how to:

 Leave a strong, professional impression in EVERY interaction
 Set up your business, personally, brand yourself and communicate in the business
 Build confidence in yourself and understand and articulate your value
 Cultivate positive body image and a strong mindset to recover from and use rejection
to your advantage
 Colour match and style for your body
 Become a pro at nailing different makeup looks and techniques, hairstyles, covering
up tattoos and quick costume hacks
 Speak and pose in front of a camera with confidence and flair
 Apply and audition for a job from start to finish

You’ll also have no holds barred access to the mentors throughout and at your graduation
with Q & A sessions.

No other course covers the topics P.A.I.D does and as in-depth, and each topic is delivered
by an expert in their line of work.

This course is highly recommended for young students to adults and open to all genders.

If you are ready to take your future in the industry seriously.